Précipice de Corbières, Drôme, France


3rd route


Location: ‘Précipice de Corbières’, Drôme, France

Ideal during hot weather, as the precipice keeps its cool!

This crag is located in the Vercors natural park, 1h30 from Grenoble and 1h from Valence.

The local saying :

“bring your downy if you’re belaying in the middle of summer!”

The Guidebook
The guidebook: Escalade en Drôme, CAF de Romans, CAF Vercors Sud, CEC 26 and CD FFME 26. Edition 2015

You’ll find the guidebook in specialist shops in the area, which helps finance bolting and crag upkeep.

Don’t be put off by the price (35€), it’s very informative and well laid out, PLUS it’s translated into English.

The routes

  • Type: single pitch
  • Bolting : sports
  • Classification : Sport
  • Profile(s) : overhang, vertical for the ‘discovery’ sector
  • Holds: crimps, slopers, pinches
  • Rock: Limestone
  • Parc naturel du Vercors
  • Orientation: Always in the shade ! You can climb all day
  • Best time of year: May to September
  • Approach: 20 - 25 minutes
  • Number of quickdraws: 15 and 25 (for the longest route)
  • Rope length: 70m
  • Keep an eye on your kids at the foot of the crag
  • Don’t forget your downy!
Average route length
25m > 40m

Specificities :

  • Cool conditions at all times of year
  • Very varied holds

Routes to explore:

  • Nao le boa, 4b , sector Baignoire
  • Chimères sataniques, 6c+, sector Frigiot
  • Les corbeaux aux trousses, 8b L2, sector Bac à légume
  • Requiem, 7C L1, sector Bac à légume

Useful info:

Access :

Précipice de Corbières, 26420 Vassieux-en-Vercors


Need cheese for your picnic ? :
La coopérative du Bleu du Vercors Sassenage AOP Vercors Lait Site officiel - La coopérative du Bleu du Vercors Sasenage
  • Route des Jarrands 38250 Villard de Lans
  • Tel : 04 76 95 00 11 / Fax : 04 76 95 18 74
  • Shop tel : 04 76 95 33 21
  • Mail : contact@vercorslait.com

Post climb beer:

Pont en Royans, 35mn :


Go to  “logement de Vassieux en Vercors” :


Villard de Lans (50mn) :


The best local indoor wall:

Espace Vertical Grenoble :


Other activities:

Sportives :

Hiking in the natural park, Mountain biking


Visites :

Memorial to the Resistance :



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